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At Superbia, we are redefining what it means to deliver fresh, high-quality coffee. Our highly specialized 10-step process begins on small, family-owned artisan farms in the mountains of Colombia and ends in your cup — all within seven days of placing your order.

Once the coffee fruit ripens to a rich, red, cherry-like color, it has reached full maturity and is hand-picked by our coffee artisans. This step is supremely important when it comes to producing premium coffee. If the coffee fruit isn’t fully mature, or it becomes overly mature, it affects both the quality and the flavor of the final product.
After the coffee fruit is harvested, it is ready to be de-pulped, which involves separating the bean from the fruit. The beans are then moved into tanks for the fermentation process, which helps give Superbia coffee its rich, full flavor.
After the drying process, the coffee beans go through a threshing process, which removes the coating, leaving the green coffee seeds. They are then selected and tested for a second time to ensure low humidity levels before they are packed and processed for roasting.
After a final quality check, your coffee is packed and shipped directly to your door via FedEx, delivering superior freshness from our farms to your cup in seven days or less.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the unique journey that’s required to deliver you the freshest, highest-quality coffee on the market — all in just seven days or less.